Our Organization

For more than Thirty years, Y-ME Breast Cancer Organization had been supplying free support and services to people affected by breast cancer. Then, in July 2012 they abruptly and without warning, shut their doors leaving a huge gap in services to women across Illinois.

A few of us; former staff and volunteers have continued to help women and other community organizations that have continued to seek us out for assistance.   We did this for several months often using our own personal finances, or money that was donated by friends and family.  We decided that the best way to continue our mission was to formally organize ourselves, and in November 2012, Pink 3 Breast Cancer Organization was legally formed.  Our vision is very simple…..

To Educate – To Empower – To End


We Are Our Sister’s Keeper

We are a grassroots organization that is committed to ending breast cancer through advocacy, education, empowerment and research.

Our team is made up entirely of volunteers.

Even a little help goes a long way. That is why we are especially thankful to find new volunteers who share our commitment to ending breast cancer as well as assisting survivors and their families.  Interested in joining our team? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.  A helping hand is always greatly appreciated!